Inclusion & SEND

All Wandsworth schools have a similar approach to meeting the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and are supported by the Local Authority to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their specific needs, make the best possible progress in school.

All schools are supported to be as inclusive as possible, with the needs of pupils with a Special Educational Need/s being met in a mainstream setting wherever possible, where families want this to happen.

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STEP Inclusion (including SEND, EAL & Looked After Child) Policy

Special educational needs and disability (SEND) places a strong emphasis on setting suitable challenges for all pupils, stressing the importance of responding to pupils’ needs and overcoming potential barriers to learning for individuals and groups of pupils. This applies to all our learners at Westbridge Academy. Regular assessment ensures that ambitious targets are set.

We also ensure as an academy, that pupils with SEND can not only access the

Wandsworth LA Local Offer

We work within the Wandsworth Local Authority guidance on provision for children with SEND in mainstream schools. This explains the ways children with different additional needs are provided for within Wandsworth schools. Click on the bullet point above to see the services and support offered by Wandsworth Local Authority.